If you have a new Corgi puppy or you chose to adopt a Corgi as your newest family member, it’s best to train them immediately. Although Corgis are very intelligent and Corgi training is relatively easier than training other dog breeds, it is important to devote a good amount of time and effort to achieve their desired behavior and learn the desired tricks. There are several aspects that you need to address during Corgi training, including walking on a leash, no-nip training, and basic obedience training. These are all important in order to have a well-rounded Corgi pet, so that you won’t have any problems about his behavior in the future. If you want to learn more about Corgi training, just read through this article and find out.

Leash Training a Corgi
When your pet is not yet accustomed to a leash, it’s best to let him wear a dog collar first, perhaps for 5 to 7 days. This way, he won’t get distracted by the thing on his neck, and he’ll be easier to train when you already have a leash. After putting the leash on his neck, set a command that you want to use that would indicate that it’s walking time. A simple “let’s go out” would do, because the more you use it, the more they’ll pick it up as the words used for such an activity. At first, he would take control and try to stir you towards the places he wants. You can correct this with a firm tug on the leash. Don’t start walking unless he’s settled, and when you do walk, make sure that they’re following you before you move forward. If you do this more often, they’ll learn that you are in command when it comes to these walks, and they’ll be less defiant and more obedient on your trips outdoors.

No-nipping Corgi Training
Corgis are herding dogs, so nipping at the heels is really a part of his nature. But it doesn’t mean that your pet should do this to you, to strangers, or to other animals. It’s best to teach them that nipping is not really good for them. Asserting your position as the head of the pack at an early age could do this. If they try to nip at your heels, you need to take charge and let them understand that it’s not a good trait, even for cute Corgi puppies. Once they do so, you can pick them up using one hand on the chest and the other hand holding the loose skin on his necks back. This way, they’ll settle down and understand that it’s not an accepted behavior. If your Corgi is almost fully-grown or is already a mature dog, you can assert your dominance whenever he nips at your heels by pinning them to the ground on their side, with one hand on their neck, as if simulating another dog’s bite. Make sure that you are firm when you correct them, or else they’ll see it as a half-hearted effort and they won’t treat your punishment seriously. Make sure that you are consistent with the Corgi training that you are doing to make sure that they’ll learn the right behavior for a lovable family pet.